0 - Introduction

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I tip my hat off to you…or, my helmet.Because you’re here.You’ve made it this far.Opened yourself up to learning about another person’s experience with brain injury. You may have a brain injury yourself.You may know someone, or care for someone who does.You may be a professional who wants to get a better understanding of the actual day-to-day challenges.Either way, I tip my helmet off to you…then I put it back on before I hit my head again…
This blog is called “This Hat is a Helmet” for a very good reason.Or maybe just a reason.Good or bad or neutral, here is that reason: we all have many different roles.We are friends, siblings, spouses, parents, coworkers, professionals.We may be baristas, clerks, teachers, entrepreneurs, landscapers, performers, athletes.We may also be that person at the party with the bad jokes, or that other person at the party who thinks they are good at karaoke (but aren’t), or that other other…

28 - Identity

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I remember it being that time in the winter. It’s dark when you wake up, and the sun sets before you commute home from your day studying at university. It was after class and already dark outside. I was standing amongst a group of students continuing a discussion from the lecture we just had.
No matter how long I had been going to that school, I still looked around in awe at the surrounding building. The Faculty of Business was in the most beautiful building on campus — historic yet modern. Almost like a brighter more contemporary Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books. The walls, floors and staircases were made of brick, marble and illustrious wood. Three sides of the building were made of these materials, while the fourth side was a long façade of crystal clear windows. Normally they looked out onto a green courtyard, however as it was already past sunset, the stars were visible on a cloudless winter night.
There w…

Long Pauses (Totally improvised)

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I recorded this just about a month ago. I have here the general text that goes with it, but the recording has a nice aside where I talk about the trouble with beautiful trees… ;P
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Enjoy this comeback bonus track!
I really just felt like talking into a microphone. So much has been happening. I feel overwhelmed. Things feel like they’re spiralling out of control. I have always found some solace and comfort in creativity — drawing, painting, writing. It’s funny how amateur podcasting is becoming it’s own creative comfort. I’ve never before today wanted to pull out my microphone and speak into it as an outlet. It just felt like I had to do it.
Things feel like they are spiralling out of…

27 - Time

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What I’m sharing with you today I didn’t write. Instead I dictated it to my phone. It was a beautiful summer day but my mood wasn’t as bright. I just felt I needed to get out my thoughts and feelings. So I picked up my phone and I started recording. What I recorded is a reflection on time — my time spent in my recovery and how time feels. I have here for you today the content of that recording, raw and unedited. A special edition of This Hat is a Helmet. Enjoy!
I have often heard my friends who are parents say they wish they could slow down time. They wish they could stop it. They feel like their kids are growing up so fast. And they just want to preserve this moment.
I remember when I was young, my parents always saying that time went by so fast. It’s the summer right now and I was looking at my agenda earlier. It feels like summer just started, yet at the s…

26 - Integrity and Trust

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I likely spent more years in university than was necessary for my resulting career in healthcare - three science majors and a senior thesis later, I arrived! My post secondary path could have been more efficient, but I don’t regret it at all. My experiences along the way were after all effective for giving me the unique perspective I have today. Indeed, I still believe all learning opportunities are valuable, even if they cover something I already know. It’s my opinion that there’s always something new to learn, and if not, then there is a chance to learn an old fact in a new way, or make connections in knowledge I hadn’t yet considered.
In my eight years of post secondary education (yes, I know, I’m privileged), most of my courses were in the sciences. I took a few language courses as well (because French and Spanish are fun!). But the most unique outlier was the one mandatory business course during my second degree.…

25 - Anniversary Post

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A quiet apartment. A dimly lit living room. A jowly dog snoring softly on the couch. A timer ticking down the last minute and the sound of a “click” that set the stage for a simple accident that would change all my future plans.
Four years ago I was trying to live life to the fullest, packing as many activities into each moment as humanly possible, while not actually being aware of the present moment itself.
I spent that day waking early, walking my best buddy, Bob, meeting a friend, scavenging the city’s largest community garage sale, driving back and forth to pick up and drop off our epic finds, all while thinking of and planning the next day, which was supposed to be driving about one and a half hours out of the city for hiking and rock climbing, with my best and other buddies.
There was something about being so busy that made me feel accomplished, imp…

BONUS: Love and Hate Letter

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One day last summer, I was stuck downtown with an onslaught of symptoms that pretty much debilitated me. I wasn’t sure I could make it home. It was too far to walk and the public bus was far too noisy and crowded for me that day. Between where I was and my home was my boyfriend’s apartment. We had only been dating about two months at the time. I wasn’t sure if it felt right to seek refuge at his place, but I made the decision, called him up, and proceeded to head to his place.
Writing has become a source of comfort for me. I realized this only on that day. As I felt like shit, collapsed on his couch, I asked to use a pen and some paper. Below is what I wrote.
I’m sharing this now to go along with the podcast interview series I’m doing on Dating and Relationships with PCS. The “love and hate letter” below really captured how insecure I feel at times in my relationships, due to the limiting nature of this disability, making me fee…

Dating and Relationships with PCS. Part 2: Ready to Date?


Dating was something I didn't really do before the concussion. Embarking on it after my injury seemed like an even bigger challenge. Luckily, I had people to talk to about it, including my friend Stephanie. She joins me today to talk about our experience dating post injury.

We share our thoughts and stories about dating as an adult, day-to-day connections, acceptance, what made us feel ready to date, how we did dating with PCS and what challenged and supported this whole process.

Explanations of the terms "neurotypicals" and "meet cute" included 😀

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- Krystal

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We're not experts in dating nor brain injury! This special episode brings you our stories in dating with Post Concussion Syndrome. Nothing h…